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They're Called "Special Interests" for a reason!

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(Commentary by Ron Boltz)

They’re called “special interests” for a reason. Of course I’m referring to the scores of lobby groups in Harrisburg who often fight against good ideas or good legislation, or push for bad ideas and legislation, depending upon how it affects them personally or the relatively small group which they represent. The degree to which a proposal helps or hurts others or our State is often irrelevant to spe...

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Property Tax Elimination Perspectives (by Robert Kistler)

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The battle over property tax elimination rages on in Pennsylvania. The unfortunate but predictable side is that there is much misinformation that continues to be spread about HB/SB 76, the “Property Tax Independence Act”, despite the fact that the bill has been around for years. Some of the misinformation is born from lack of understanding the bill, the rumor mill, and half truths. However, there is also a dark side to this battle, a well planned and orchestrated intentional nega...

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Understanding the Regressive Nature Of The Property Tax

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Median household income is established by compiling all household income and dividing that into two groups. Very few people are actually at the median household income. It presents a number where half of the population is below the median household income and half of the population is above it. For the United States, the median household income was $59,039 in 2016 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The median household income varies from state to state. The median household income in ...

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School Safety Using a Proven Unfair System of Taxation!

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Recent school shooting have culminated into discussions about the need for improving school safety. A task force was formed from the 4,500 school board directors in Pennsylvania led by Nathan Mains.(

I am troubled because the organization under the leadership of Nathan Mains wants to see the ability to fund school safety by removing the cap limit and raising property taxes to pay for it.

The a...

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